Lockdown Blog – Use This Time

Lockdown for most holds a lot of anxiety, stress and pressure. Whether that being a business owner, an employee, a mother, a father, a young adult – everyone by now understands the potential trauma that comes with it. For those of us that love our training, our routine, our fitness family and when we were […]

Level 2, We’re Open!

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been hanging out for. But please take note, things will be a little different from ‘normal’. Members please take note of the below to ensure we keep our facility clean, hygienic and safe during level-2. 1. All members must wash their hands once they step inside the facility and […]


This afternoon, I sat at my desk, pondering what insightful content I could put together to help fellow friends and family as we all, no doubt, feel uncertainty during these times. It made me think, what did our great, great grandparents see when they were faced with times of financial hardship, potential loss of work, […]

Q+A With Ryan Hughes

Al: Hi Ryan, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Now, for some of our readers, Ryan Hughes is a name synonymous with MX racing and rider coaching. Ryno Power Sports Supplements obviously formed by Ryno, what was the reasoning behind creating a product targeted towards moto athletes? Ryan: When we went shopping […]

What the neck!

Whether it’s from a sudden impact in sports or prolonged use of a computer or smartphone, the neck is subjected to high levels and durations of stress daily. These forces can lead to injuries such as concussion, whiplash associated disorder (WAD), and an array of cervical injuries and chronic pain. The neck naturally serves as […]

Physical Fitness vs. Mental Fitness

Brain training, more recognisably known as cognitive training, is a routine of programmes designed to challenge, stimulate and improve one’s cognitive function. The phrase “cognitive ability” usually refers to components of mental intelligence such as brain capacity and output. Cognitive training supports the hypothesis that cognitive abilities can be trained by exercising the brain, analogous to […]

Train Hard, Ride Faster.

It’s something we all wish we had more of. It’s something we know could give us the edge come race day or even just to feel better on the odd Sunday trail ride – but why is it always the last thing we struggle to tackle. Well, every month ill be sharing not only some […]

Motto’s of Moto

With the silly season just around the corner, often the one thing that gets put on the backburner is your health and fitness. Over recent months I have been working with a handful of riders in preparation for the Woodhill 2 Man Series, Taupo’s MX Fest and the Whakatane Summercross and it’s important that we […]

Train. Compete. Win. Repeat.

Hopefully now, after having read the last few blogs we now have more of and idea what we want to get out of our training. We are hitting the gym in the Winter to win in the Summer. After a Winter of building our aerobic fitness and foundation strength we should be looking to incorporate […]

Training the Next Generations of Racers

Alastair Wootten is taking years of on-track experience off-track to give up-and-coming drivers a fighting fit chance to be race winners. A graduate of the Speedsport Scholarship, a former speedway racer, and now a weekend warrior in the TraNZam Challenge, 27-year-old Wootten has plenty of experience behind the wheel. Having spent years in karting, Formula […]

Misconceptions of Moto

‘Diets vs. Healthy Eating’ I filter through a ton of emails every week and one of the most often asked questions is what should I eat on race day or at an event? The answer is not always as easy as most think it should be. The human body is the most insanely complex machine […]

Creating Resilience in Athletes

Harden up! You’ll be right! Dust it off! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! You eat more sh*t sandwiches in life than you do good ones! All comments we’ve heard growing up. Whether it’s falling off your bike as a kid, when you just miss the podium in your first big event or in […]