of our clients

Sam Waddell

I started racing karts at the age of 17 after previously only racing youth mini stocks at speedway. After racing karts for three years and slowly making my way up the ranks, as well as racing Super Saloons over the summer speedway seasons. I found myself wondering how to take my racing to the next level. I was put on to Alastair and his team at Formula Fit and since then I haven’t looked back. I have been training under the Formula Fit umbrella for four years now and my racing continues to go from strength to strength. The specialised training that Alastair and his team provided from general strength and conditioning to reaction time and simulator work has all helped to contribute to my successes.
When I first started with the Formula Fit team I was based on the north shore at university so I was able to train with Alastair one on one where the sessions were always kept interesting and I was always pushed to my limits. Alastair would tailor make my training programs to cater for my goals or time of year it was, from strength training in the off season to cardio to trim down to make weight categories for Karting. In 2019 I moved back to Tauranga, but Alastair’s support didn’t stop there. I joined Formula Fit Online and Alastair was able to provide me with training programs to suit the equipment i had access to as well as checking up on my progress regularly.
Since beginning with Formula Fit in 2016 I was a mid pack driver in karting at a national level as well as a rookie in the Super Saloon class at speedway. looking forward to 2020 Formula fit has been instrumental in lifting my game and pushing myself on and off the track. Formula Fits training has helped me achieve 2NZ in DD2 as well as represent New Zealand at the rotax grand finals two years in a row where I achieved 4th place in Italy in 2019. it has also helped me achieve a 2NZ in Super Saloons as well as winning a North Island Championship.

I would highly recommend Alastair and his team at Formula Fit to help take you to the next level.

Reid Harker

I started in karting at 13 years old and was introduced to Alastair from FFHPC during my transition into circuit racing. When I started at FFHPC I needed to improve my strength and cardiovascular endurance to cope with the physical and mental demands behind the wheel. FFHPC greatly helped me get to where I needed to be. I am now ready for the next challenge in my career. I’m excited to be racing for Earl Bamber Motorsport in Porsche Carrera Cup Asia in 2020, and thanks to the foundation built at FFHPC I am ready.

Lucy O'Fee

Joining Formula fit about 4 years ago was the best decision I could have ever made. I am fitter, stronger, lighter and I’ve made some life long friends. Every session is different and fun, you are challenged irrespective of what level you are at, be that an elite athlete or a beginner who has never stepped foot into a gym. All movements are scalable and taught at your level of fitness ability. Formula Fit Isn’t just a gym it’s a family. I have had some major (non gym related) injuries and Alastair worked hard with me on my rehab and changed movements so I could still participate in the class environment which kept me engaged and on track. I no longer look at going to the gym as a chore but a rewarding time for both my body and my mind. You won’t find a more committed bunch of trainers and top class equipment anywhere on the coast.

Mason Wilkie

I started racing motocross at the age of 3, in my 25 years of racing I have acheived 13 NZ titles in different diciplines, Mx, Sx & Miniature TT. After following the same training regeme for years, it became stale and I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. So I reached out to the team at Formula Fit to take my training to the next level & give me some direction. They tailored me a specific program which was super easy to follow and really brought my training back to life. The best part was being able to follow it straight from my phone, so I could train from anywhere I needed to. With the team always there to encourage me or answer any questions I had. I’ve made massive improvements both on & off the track and look forward to continuing the good vibes with formula fit.

Tayne Lemon

My name is Tayne Lemon, I’m a jet ski racer and part of the Formula Fit Team. I have been racing jet skis since the age of 13 and using the gym to prepare myself for the physical and mental aspects of racing. I started out at a small gym in Orewa and after a few years went onto Snap Fitness. I was then approached by Alastair from Formula Fit who wanted me to join the team of athletes that train at his gym. The passion that Alastair had for progression and helping everyone he trained was a huge boost for me to take my training to the next level. I have been with the family at Formula Fit now for 4+ years and haven’t looked back. The big difference between Formula Fit and your typical 24hr gym is the way in which you are pushed and coached through classes made by qualified personal trainers who help everyone get through the workout. I found a huge benefit in working out in a group instead of one on one as you all push each other to work harder. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the multiple National and International titles without the support of the team at Formula Fit and owe a lot of my success to them!

Joe Andrell

Returning back to professional motocross as an older rider has definitely been more of a challenge for Joseph Andrell. He was at the top of his game in the junior league at 15 before a shoulder injury interrupted his progress in the motocross sport. In the years following he suffered many serious injuries some requiring surgeries to his shoulder, wrists and ankle. Due to these injuries he struggled to return to his previous form and accomodate his impaired body. Joseph tried many trainers and gyms before he found a personal trainer Alistair Wooten at Formula fit Hibiscus Coast that helped him regain focus. Some of his training plan has involved customised therapies such as cognitive therapy for concussion and strengthening/mobility on his shoulder. Joseph has regained strength and mobility in his shoulder that doctors did not think was possible. After 2 years working with his trainer, the results on the track have exceeded everyones expectations. The most recent achievement has been winning the North Island Motocross Championship in the 125cc class. From here Joseph Andrell plans to compete in the upcoming 2020 New Zealand Motocross Nationals.

Chelsea Herbert

I was introduced to Formula Fit once I graduated the Elite Motorsport academy in 2015. I was training at a gym closer to home but half way through 2019 I was presented with an opportunity to test a Formula 3 car in Spain and knew that my racecar specific fitness had to level up.

There was no one else around that I knew I could trust to help me reach my goals I needed to tick off within less than 4 weeks. It was a big ask but Al had the skillset and knowledge to pull together a training package that got me further than I could’ve imagined. I have now been training at FF for over 6 months and I am the fittest and lightest I have ever been.

Before training with Al at Formula Fit I was somewhat afraid of cardio.. My mindset was that cardio wasn’t fun and that it was too hard. Formula Fit has totally transformed that mindset and now I genuinely look forward to Spin class 2-3 times a week, on top of the programmed functional strength work which is tailored to my motorsport. Al takes time to understand what your body does and doesn’t need and will always create programmes which will be fun but also challenging.

Al goes absolutely above and beyond and has so many strings to his bow. This season, competing in the TRS series, it was great to have Al as the Giles Motorsport team coach and nutritionist. He was available for sport massage, nutrition, warm ups before our sessions and helped mentally also. Without Al at the track I know all drivers would’ve struggled.

Al carries passion, knowledge and immense pride where ever he goes when he is training and carrying the FF logo. Formula Fit is a family you can choose to be a part of and the environment is extremely supportive, safe and motivating.