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Lockdown Blog – Use This Time

Lockdown for most holds a lot of anxiety, stress and pressure. Whether that being a business owner, an employee, a mother, a father, a young adult – everyone by now understands the potential trauma that comes with it.

For those of us that love our training, our routine, our fitness family and when we were told to go back into confinement we worried about all the progress we had made and the mental clarity that physical activity gives us. This can make a huge impact on our mindset and the first step of progressing is to understand that and accept it.

Now that may sound blunt, but many of us much like myself can hold back the reality of this and the more we do that the longer the adapting process takes.

Unless you are kitted out with a full gym set up (which lets face it, some may be by now – it isn’t our first lockdown haha) your training is going to change. Thankfully because this isn’t our first rodeo, there is a mass amount of information, content and adjustments out there and this is when our modern technological platforms are extremely valuable.

*Disclaimer: it is still very important to remember not everything that is online or out there is correct. Make sure to ask a professional (for those of you at Formula Fit, please reach out to a trainer), cross fact check and use your common sense (if something doesnt feel right, it’s probably not).

What I have personally done this lockdown (that is different to the previous), is testing different types of training and boy oh boy have I stepped outside my comfort zone. I have never been a runner, unless it is in sport but I have set myself progressive goals to keep me accountable and motivated. The crazy thing is, I’ve actually really enjoyed it – who would have known?

I’m lucky to have had a little bit of equipment (dumbbells and bands) so to enhance my coaching and professional, I have explored a new range of exercise pairings and circuits.

This if anything is the best time to dive into new areas with your training. The best trainers/coaches always talk about shocking the body and what this does is after a time of consistent progress, technique development and high performance we want to overload the body with something new. Our bodies are smart, they are programmed to find the most efficient way of working. So to reach a high point of efficiency, to then throw it off its game and challenge it, BANG it’s got to rewire itself and work harder to build that efficiency back up in this new area.

So for the extra time you may have through this period, use it to educate yourself, get involved in zoom training classes (Formula Fit offers a wide range), test trial something outside your comfort zone and see this as self development and that shock factor that your body needs.